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Indiana | 317-765 Area Code Split

1997: Indiana has 4 NPAs
219 serves North Indiana: Fort Wayne, Gary, Huntington, South Bend
317 serves Central Indiana: Indianapolis
765 serves Central Indiana: Lafayette, Marion, Muncie, Richmond
812 serves Southern Indiana: Evansville, Bloomington.

Indiana was the first state to undergo an NPA split ONE YEAR after the original codes were assigned. 219 was formed by splitting 317. Indiana has not been split since 1948.

A split of the 317 NPA began February 1st, 1997, with permissive ending June 25th, 1997. Based on NPA/NXX counts and a rough map, it looked like Indianapolis and only the exchanges local to Indianapolis would remain in the 317 NPA. Originally only three exchange areas outside of the of Indianapolis local area were to stay in 317.

Although several articles have appeared in the newspapers, Ameritech did not mention of the new code on their website until late January. (Their Indiana NPA page was last updated March 11th, 1996!) A '765 ready to arrive' mailing came in the February bill.

Ameritech was critisized by the IURC for publishing split information in their 'Business-to-Business' Directory in October of 1996. Although the next publication will not be out until AFTER permissive has ended. IURC wanted a disclaimer that the new code and boundries were proposed and had not been approved.

A story on 6 News (wrtv 6 Indianapolis) on November 13, 1996 reported that the commission had voted to change the boundry to include Shelbyville in the old area. Business leaders in Shelbyville had complained and wanted to keep their ties to Indianapolis. [Shelbyville was one of the few 'just outside the donut' communities to stay in 317.]

Ameritech Voicemail sent a broadcast message "Fri Jan 31st 7:26am" stating:
"This is a message from Ameritech Voicemail about the area code change and your voice mailbox. When accesing your voice mailbox while away from your home or business during the change to the new 765 area code your need to continue to use the 317 area code with your telephone number to check messages. You will be notified when your voicemail is changed to the 765 area code, no later than May 31st, 1997. Thank you."

The test number of 765-281-6988 is available after Feb 1st, 1997 (According to Bellcore). 765-281 is a Muncie exchange. (317-281-6988 retrieves the same message.)

Ameritech's February Bill Insert

The Split in Pictures
On these maps of the Indianapolis and Richmond LATAs in Indiana, the blue areas show the current 219 NPA (Northern Indiana), the red areas show the 317 NPA exchanges that are local to Indianapolis, and the green area shows the other exchanges that will stay with 317. The purple area is now 765.
[Note that the Shelbyville area is shaded to denote the change from the original plan.]

(The green area in the Richmond LATA is Union City, Ohio, which moved from the 513 NPA to the new 937 NPA beginning September 28, 1996. The new NPA 937 is required after June 14, 1997.)
The Split in Words
Area Code (NPA) 317 has grown to the point where a split was needed.

As of Jan 10, 1996, NPA 317 had 568 exchange numbers, or was 71% full. As of Apr 15, 1996, NPA 317 had 589 exchange numbers, or was 75% full. It is expected that further exchanges will be added within the next few years that will require 317 to split into two smaller areas.

(78 new exchange codes have been added in Indianapolis Locals, 34 outside Indianapolis in 1994 and 1995. 12 new were added to Indianapolis and 9 outside in the first three months of 1996. As of January 1997 there were 627 exchanges in 317.)

Indiana Cities to stay in 317
    INDIANAPOLIS (235 Exchanges) and all cities residents may dial as local:
    Acton, Bargersville, Brownsburg, Carmel, Clayton, Danville, Fairland, Fishers, Fortville, Franklin, Greenfield, Greenwood, Lizton, Maxwell, Mc Cordsville, Monrovia, Mooresville, New Palestine, Noblesville, Oaklandon, Pittsboro, Plainfield, Trafalgar, West Newton, Westfield, Whiteland, Whitestown, Zionsville.

    Other Exchanges Staying in 317
    Cicero, Marietta, Nineveh, Shelbyville, Sheridan.
    All other cities in 317 will move to the new 765 code.
    (Including Eminence, Manilla, Martinsville, Paragon, Waldron.)
Complete list from John Cropper, including updates.
The Split in Numbers
This split takes the 589 exchanges (as of 15Apr96) and divides them 332/257 (56%/44%) between 317 and the new code, allowing 317 to grow 141% before breaking another part off or overlaying and the new code to grow 211% before changing the NPA again.

765 is the new code.

The actual split based on Ameritech's Jan97 list is 356/271 (57%/43%) allowing for 124% and 194% growth before exhaustion. In 1996 there was 6% growth. 6% per year compounded would show exhaustion in 3 years for 317 (2000) and 10 years for 765 (2007).

According to information accidentally released by NANPA, the new areacodes set aside for the relief of the four current codes are: 260 for current area code 219, 463 for current area code 317, 547 for current area code 765 and 930 for current area code 812. These numbers are subject to change, and the method of future relief (split/overlay) has not been decided.
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