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Effective with merger of GTE and BA.
Additional coverage has been added.

Verizon Wireless - Midwest

Verizon is the new name for the combined GTE and Bell Atlantic companies, effective when their merger closed in the year 2000. GTE's Landline properties (including those operated as Contel) were renamed "Verizon" while the Cellular and PCS properties became "Verizon Wireless".

Verizon Wireless also includes the properties of AirTouch and PrimeCo. Due to overlaps in service, some former PrimeCo areas were divested, and some GTE/BA properties will be traded to AllTel. At the time of the GTE/BA Merger the service area swap between GTE and Alltel will take effect. GTE gains the area in Northern Indiana as well as areas in Illinois and other states. GTE gives up coverage in Ohio (duplicated by AirTouch) and areas in other states.

The GTE owned Ameritech Chicago and Central Illinois service areas in Illinois operated by GTE since November 1999 also became part of Verizon's network. (GTE purchased Ameritech's properties when Ameritech divested them as part of the Ameritech/SBC Merger.) Verizon Wireless has since purchased the Dobson Wireless coverage in Ohio and the Douglas Cellular One property in Southern Illinois.

An additional influence on Verizon Wireless' coverage is its roaming agreements. One of the major partners is AllTel. As of August 1st, 2002 AllTel has purchased all former CenturyTel coverage, including coverage in Michigan (as shown) and Wisconsin (not shown).

The Verizon Communications and Verizon Wireless coverage in Indiana is shown here ...

Verizon's Indiana Coverage
Verizon Map
Coverage of Verizon Communications and Verizon Wireless.
Verizon Wireless "Cellular" Coverage
Verizon Wireless Map
Roaming refers to non-Verizon owned service, not any price plan. SIDs and BID shown are historical - 00530 now covers 01196; 00080 now covers 01208, 01210 and BID 30012; and 00190 now covers 01206. In addition 01200 now covers 01202's area.
Chicago Area

One of the first cellular service areas in the country, Chicago service was started by Illinois Bell which became Ameritech. The Ameritech name was used for marketing purposes until GTE joined Verizon Wireless.
Ameritech - Chicago
00020Chicago, IL East Chicago/Gary

Northern Indiana

Originally served by United Telespectrum and Sprint, seven counties in Northern Indiana were served by 360 Communication before Alltel took over the properties.
Alltel Cellular
00530South Bend Elkhart/South Bend
01196Angola Angola

Central and Southern Indiana

The largest area of Indiana is covered by the original GTE / Contel coverage.
GTE Mobilnet
00080Indianapolis Anderson/Bloomington/Huntington/Indianapolis/Kokomo/Lafayette/Marion/ Muncie/Rensselaer/Richmond/Terre Haute
30012Fort Wayne Fort Wayne
Contel Cellular (A)
00065Louisville, KY Jefersonville/New Albany
Contel Cellular (B)
00190Evansville Evansville
01206Vincennes Jasper/Vincennes
01208Columbus Columbus/Seymour
01210Greensburg Batesville/Greensburg/Madison

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